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Screen vs. Print document design

Shriver defines that “ Document design is the act of writing and designing along with the skillful selection, structuring and emphasis of content with the reader’s needs in focus.” (Bastoky Design, n.d.) It means that with a good writing styles and good design layout, it can emphasis the content to make the readers focus the content that they should focus.

For further understanding about the document design, I will compare the design of screen and print document based on 3 considerations which is text style and format, color and contrast and layout.

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As you see that in screen document design, the text that used is more big which is more easy to read. The text styles is Times News Roman and the font size is 12 . For the colour and contrast, we can see that screen document’s background is white and the text is black in order to let the readers focus on the information. Screen document’s layout is the space between the paragraphs is bigger so that it will not looks pack.

As for the print document, in order to save the space, the font size of the text is much smaller and the text style that it used is more in formal style. For the color and contrast, it usually more on the black and white. Compare to the screen document, it looks less interesting. Besides that, the layout of the print document, the space between the paragraphs is small and it looks crowded.

Document design is very important in the publishing in order to attract the readers to pay attention to the document.


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