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Ethical issue in Photojournalism

In the developing 20th century’s world, people no longer follow the traditional way to report the news. Nowadays, most of the journalist depend on image or picture to tell the story of the news which called as photojournalism. Similar with other industry, there have some ethics that journalist need to follow in order become a professional and ethical journalist. However, there always have some people who like to be unethical to achieve their goal. One of the major ethics issue is photo editing in the newspaper.

Source taken from The Great's One Blog

One of the examples of is the case of Orthodox Jewish publication edited Hillary Clinton, US Sectary of State and Audrey Tomason, Counterterrorism Director from the photograph of the meeting with navy Seal monitoring the raid that Osama bin Laden was killed . According to the Bersak (2006), he mentioned ethics of photojournalism is mainly focus on the issue of “photographic truth”. It means that the journalist must be publish the real photo and cannot alter the photo. However, the journalist of Orthodox Jewish publication is unethical because he alter the photography of the news.

According to Debold (2011), she mentioned the reason of Der Tzitung, the journalist of Orthodox Jewish publication is that the law of modesty and the belief of their religious do not allow them to publish women’s image in the news.  Although is the law of the country that do not allows the journalist publish women images in their news, it still consider as sexism in other country. The Orthodox Jewish publication not only violate the photo’s copyright, they also guilty for something that greater than “crime” (Seidl, 2011). In these days, woman and man are equally same in the society. The Orthodox Jewish publication will be charge for misogyny and sexism because this action (Jamaal, 2011).  As a journalist, we should report the truth and create awareness to the public.


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