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New forms of media publishing

Nowadays, we not only can publish our articles or thought in the traditional ways such as newspaper, books, magazine and others. People can also express or publish their article in the new forms of media.   For new forms of media, there have 3 most popular new forms of media publishing which are Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

As for Facebook, it gives a place to people connect and communicate with their friends around the world. People can easily know and track where are their friends doing and what they are doing. It make people connected.

For case of Egypt, Simon Mainwaring (2011) said that it started with Khaled Said which a young businessman posted a video about how a young man had been beaten up and killed by police. Wael Ghonim who was a bespectacled techie, moved by the video and started a facebook fan page about it. The fan page had become a crucial point where there have around 470,00o fans that organized the dissidence of it and it had become one of the largest activist site in Egypt. According to  Mike Giglo(2011), the protests in Tusinia had made the longstanding dictator of  Egypt stepped down on Jan 14 and Ghonim was announced Facebook as the revolution of Egypt.

In this case, we can see that people use Facebook as a tool to connect with other people to support the event and gather the people who willing to take the action to make their country to be a better country.


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