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Reflection of the course

In this course of Issues in Publication and Design, I had learnt many things in Publication and Design. I had learnt the issues of that people usually faces in design and publish their document. I think the issue that often people faces and ignore is the culture background of the readers or audience. According to Putnis and Petelin(1996), they mentioned that schema theory proposed that readers using their experience and knowledge to interact with the document and create their meaning. Document designer not only have to consider cultural differences, the layout of the document also very important. According to Reep (2006), she mentioned that readers not only read the text or the content in the document, they also ‘read’ the visual appearance of the document. It is very important to consider some issues that we will face in order to avoid that issue and make a effective document to send right message to the audience.


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Reep D. C, 2006, Document design, Technical writing, Ch 6, pg. 133-172



This blog basically is about Issues in Publication and Design. In this blog, it will talk how the text and the visual affect the perception or views of the people towards the document nowadays.

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