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Classification of blogs

There had been so many types of blogs in the world and it can be classified into what the blogs about and how it present the information. According to Margaret Simons(2008), she had listed out 9 types of blogs as mentioned in below:

  • Pamphleteering Blogs
  • The Digest Blog
  • The Advocacy Blog
  • The Popular Mechanics Blog
  • The Exhibition Blog
  • The Gatewatcher Blog
  • The Diary
  • The Advertisement
  • The News Blog

Types of blog also had been divided according to types of media or device that bloggers use to blog. According to Valid information(2011), it mentioned 8 types of blogging as mentioned in below:

  • Link blogging – blogging by sharing the links to other people
  • Mob log – blogging by sharing the pictures through smartphone
  • Podcast – blogging by sharing audio format such as MP3 and others
  • Video log(vlog) – blogging by sharing the video to other people
  • Micro log – A short message that may contained shortened URL
  • Mini blog – A blog that shorter than the regular blog
  • Live blog – blogging by sharing live event such as sport event and others
  • Blog – Traditional blog

There are so many types of blog and using different types of device to blog. In my opinion, the most effective and attractive ways to blog is using video log. People tend to lazy read the blog words by words and they would like to watch some video or visual to improve their understanding about the blog. Compare to the traditional blog, it may effective to people who like to know about fact and more information about certain topics such as environment, politic.


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