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Revolution of Citizen Journalism

In the world with advance technology, people mostly depend on the technology to communicate with people and get information that they want. According to Serrano (2011), he mentioned that there are 750 million Facebook users and 100 million Twitter user s in worldwide. It means most of the people are using Facebook to interact with people. People not only use social media to interact with people, they also use social media as a tool to promote or selling product and publish news. According to Jacog (2011), he mentioned that some company use social media as a “business process”, which is the process where the company test or marketing their product.

People can get information easily from Internet, they also can publish information in the internet which leads to the citizen journalism nowadays. According to Rogers (2011), he defines citizen journalism is individual report news or information in Internet similar to journalist in the publication. It means that individual or person that publishes or reports the information in the Internet. Sometimes, the source of the news the journalist report is from citizen journalist. Citizen journalists not only post some information in internet, they also can raise some revolution.

Source taken from Iran Green Revolution, 2009

One of the examples is the death of Neda Agha Soltan in Protest for Election of Iran Presidential in 2009. Neda Agha Soltan, 26 years old woman was killed by sniper at rooftop when she was protest for freedom in Protest for Election of Iran Presidential in 2009 (Tabatabai, 2009).During the death, one of the citizen had recorded the incident and upload it to youtube.  According to Dehghan (2009), he mentioned that Nega Agha Soltan had become the “symbol of Iran protest movement”. After the incident happens, Iran protest activity had brought to another level (North, 2009). Social media such as Twitter and Facebook had allows the citizen journalist to help marginalized people to voice out and create a well- informed and balance news to publics (Revis, 2011).


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