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In the era of modern communication with advance technology, people use different types of media to express their thoughts and feelings. One of the media that people nowadays use frequently is blog.

According to Jon Sobel(2010), he mentioned that in the reports of Technorati’s which is about the state of blogosphere in 2010, it stated that the bloggers in United States had stood for 49% which is almost half of it. The second country that had the most bloggers is Europe which is 29% and Asia-Pacific had 12% which is the third country. The rest will be Canada and Mexico which is 7% and South America is 3%.


With the increasing of the growth of people using smartphone nowadays, people  can easily blog in any place and any time if they want. Hence, it had create a trend of mobile blogging. With it, the growth of bloggers will increase much more in the future.

In the past, people only use blog to write about their daily life. But now it had changed. Nowadays, people also use blog as a tool to create awareness to some issues. According to Aziz Ali (2011), he had interviewed one of the earliest blogger in Middle East which is Who-Sane. It mentioned that Who-Sane used the blog to express that how his father mistreat in a public hospital in Jordanian and it led to the firing of the director of the hospital as poor condition of the hospital.

Blog is considered as an important tools to let people voice out and create a better society to people.


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