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Blogging Communities

With the growth of the bloggers today, it had led to the development to the blogging community. According to Jeremiah Owyang(2007), he had defines that blogging community is an online community that a group of people with same goal or interests who exchange thoughts and feelings through web tools which is blog.

There have different types of blog communities in the blogging world. According to Nancy White (2006), she had categorized  three main patterns of blogging community as mentioned in below:

1. Blogger Centric Community a.k.a Single Blog

  • A blog community that owned by an organization or one owner. There may have many authors writing in one blog. The owner of the blog has authority to remove or close the comments which the censorship. Mostly the topic that they discuss is a conversational topic. For example,

2.Topic Centric Community

  • A blog community that bloggers share the same interest towards a certain things such as food, travel and others. It has no single technological platforms and the bloggers is link by the blogs, hyperlinks, tagging and others. For example, Masak-masak 

3. Boundaried Community

  • A blog community where the readers hosted on particular platform or site. In order to join the community, the readers have to register first and given chance to create a blog. It focus more on the social networking and social connections as provide some tools such as instant messaging- in, social networking features, discussion board and others. For example, Multiply
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