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Screen vs. Print document design

Shriver defines that “ Document design is the act of writing and designing along with the skillful selection, structuring and emphasis of content with the reader’s needs in focus.” (Bastoky Design, n.d.) It means that with a good writing styles and good design layout, it can emphasis the content to make the readers focus the content that they should focus.

For further understanding about the document design, I will compare the design of screen and print document based on 3 considerations which is text style and format, color and contrast and layout.

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As you see that in screen document design, the text that used is more big which is more easy to read. The text styles is Times News Roman and the font size is 12 . For the colour and contrast, we can see that screen document’s background is white and the text is black in order to let the readers focus on the information. Screen document’s layout is the space between the paragraphs is bigger so that it will not looks pack.

As for the print document, in order to save the space, the font size of the text is much smaller and the text style that it used is more in formal style. For the color and contrast, it usually more on the black and white. Compare to the screen document, it looks less interesting. Besides that, the layout of the print document, the space between the paragraphs is small and it looks crowded.

Document design is very important in the publishing in order to attract the readers to pay attention to the document.


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New forms of media publishing

Nowadays, we not only can publish our articles or thought in the traditional ways such as newspaper, books, magazine and others. People can also express or publish their article in the new forms of media.   For new forms of media, there have 3 most popular new forms of media publishing which are Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

As for Facebook, it gives a place to people connect and communicate with their friends around the world. People can easily know and track where are their friends doing and what they are doing. It make people connected.

For case of Egypt, Simon Mainwaring (2011) said that it started with Khaled Said which a young businessman posted a video about how a young man had been beaten up and killed by police. Wael Ghonim who was a bespectacled techie, moved by the video and started a facebook fan page about it. The fan page had become a crucial point where there have around 470,00o fans that organized the dissidence of it and it had become one of the largest activist site in Egypt. According to  Mike Giglo(2011), the protests in Tusinia had made the longstanding dictator of  Egypt stepped down on Jan 14 and Ghonim was announced Facebook as the revolution of Egypt.

In this case, we can see that people use Facebook as a tool to connect with other people to support the event and gather the people who willing to take the action to make their country to be a better country.


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Blogging Communities

With the growth of the bloggers today, it had led to the development to the blogging community. According to Jeremiah Owyang(2007), he had defines that blogging community is an online community that a group of people with same goal or interests who exchange thoughts and feelings through web tools which is blog.

There have different types of blog communities in the blogging world. According to Nancy White (2006), she had categorized  three main patterns of blogging community as mentioned in below:

1. Blogger Centric Community a.k.a Single Blog

  • A blog community that owned by an organization or one owner. There may have many authors writing in one blog. The owner of the blog has authority to remove or close the comments which the censorship. Mostly the topic that they discuss is a conversational topic. For example,

2.Topic Centric Community

  • A blog community that bloggers share the same interest towards a certain things such as food, travel and others. It has no single technological platforms and the bloggers is link by the blogs, hyperlinks, tagging and others. For example, Masak-masak 

3. Boundaried Community

  • A blog community where the readers hosted on particular platform or site. In order to join the community, the readers have to register first and given chance to create a blog. It focus more on the social networking and social connections as provide some tools such as instant messaging- in, social networking features, discussion board and others. For example, Multiply
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Classification of blogs

There had been so many types of blogs in the world and it can be classified into what the blogs about and how it present the information. According to Margaret Simons(2008), she had listed out 9 types of blogs as mentioned in below:

  • Pamphleteering Blogs
  • The Digest Blog
  • The Advocacy Blog
  • The Popular Mechanics Blog
  • The Exhibition Blog
  • The Gatewatcher Blog
  • The Diary
  • The Advertisement
  • The News Blog

Types of blog also had been divided according to types of media or device that bloggers use to blog. According to Valid information(2011), it mentioned 8 types of blogging as mentioned in below:

  • Link blogging – blogging by sharing the links to other people
  • Mob log – blogging by sharing the pictures through smartphone
  • Podcast – blogging by sharing audio format such as MP3 and others
  • Video log(vlog) – blogging by sharing the video to other people
  • Micro log – A short message that may contained shortened URL
  • Mini blog – A blog that shorter than the regular blog
  • Live blog – blogging by sharing live event such as sport event and others
  • Blog – Traditional blog

There are so many types of blog and using different types of device to blog. In my opinion, the most effective and attractive ways to blog is using video log. People tend to lazy read the blog words by words and they would like to watch some video or visual to improve their understanding about the blog. Compare to the traditional blog, it may effective to people who like to know about fact and more information about certain topics such as environment, politic.


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In the era of modern communication with advance technology, people use different types of media to express their thoughts and feelings. One of the media that people nowadays use frequently is blog.

According to Jon Sobel(2010), he mentioned that in the reports of Technorati’s which is about the state of blogosphere in 2010, it stated that the bloggers in United States had stood for 49% which is almost half of it. The second country that had the most bloggers is Europe which is 29% and Asia-Pacific had 12% which is the third country. The rest will be Canada and Mexico which is 7% and South America is 3%.


With the increasing of the growth of people using smartphone nowadays, people  can easily blog in any place and any time if they want. Hence, it had create a trend of mobile blogging. With it, the growth of bloggers will increase much more in the future.

In the past, people only use blog to write about their daily life. But now it had changed. Nowadays, people also use blog as a tool to create awareness to some issues. According to Aziz Ali (2011), he had interviewed one of the earliest blogger in Middle East which is Who-Sane. It mentioned that Who-Sane used the blog to express that how his father mistreat in a public hospital in Jordanian and it led to the firing of the director of the hospital as poor condition of the hospital.

Blog is considered as an important tools to let people voice out and create a better society to people.


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This blog basically is about Issues in Publication and Design. In this blog, it will talk how the text and the visual affect the perception or views of the people towards the document nowadays.

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